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Speciality Lending Platforms

Our objective is to accelerate the growth of Specialty Lending Platforms using our advanced structuring knowledge. Specialty Lending Platform collateral may include consumer loans, small and medium sized enterprise (SME) loans, leases, advances against corporate trade receivables, corporate guarantees, regulatory capital, tax credits, and future predictable recurring cashflow.

Asset Based Financing

In addition, we will look at Asset Based Financing to companies requiring capital beyond that willing to be provided by traditional lenders. Typically, these loans will be secured against accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, and other assets of the company.

Advisory Services

We use our deep knowledge of the Specialty Lending space to assist Borrowers in developing a sound financial model using risk adjusted loss rates and if necessary sourcing a syndicate of lending partners in order to achieve an optimized cost of capital for the lending partner.

Scope of Target Borrowers

We believe there are optimal risk reward opportunities with Borrowers whose loan book or asset backed collateral is  less than $50 million, have developed out their primary infrastructure, and have established proven credit underwriting and/or origination strategies.

Balance Sheet Borrowers

Majority of Borrowers fall into this category where all of their loan or asset originations are financed on  their own balance sheet. Their balance sheet will normally be stacked between a senior secured loan, subordinated debt, and then equity.

Off Balance Sheet Borrowers

Borrowers may choose to have a portion or all of their loans or assets financed off balance sheet via true sale securitizations, bankruptcy remote special purpose vehicles, or via loan participation agreements.

Funding Strategy

Our funding efforts are supported by both internally managed merchant banking funds and co-investment partners, which includes other institutional and family office funds.

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