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Who We Are

​​Cypress Hills Partners (CHP) is an alternative specialty lender based out of Vancouver, Canada. CHP’s primary focus is a receivable lending strategy with loan facilities secured against consumer and SME cashflows and/or other type of acceptable security. CHP’s target vertical is lending to Specialty Lending Platforms in Canada and the U.S. via private debt structures ranging in size from $5 million to $50 million. The firm was founded by Kelly Klatik and Dean Linden and is currently dedicated to the fast growing specialty lending and origination marketplace on a global basis.

Cypress Hills Partners is adept in leveraging technology and financial structuring experience, to accelerate the growth of specialty lending platforms and service providers, creating a differentiated market advantage.

Direct privately negotiated investments may include consumer loans, small and medium sized enterprise (SME) loans, advances against corporate trade receivables, senior secured loans, regulatory capital, and mezzanine debt.

Indirect investments may include investments in platforms through the provision of credit facilities, equity or other instruments.


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