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Dean Linden

Managing Partner

Expertise & Leadership:

As the co-founder and Managing Partner at Cypress Hills, Dean brings over 28 years of experience in finance and business development.

Landmark Business Sale:

Dean’s instrumental role at ID Biomedical led to its acquisition by GlaxoSmithKline for $1.7B in 2005, marking it as the decade’s largest biotech transaction in Canada.

Strategic Capital Alliances:

Demonstrating a talent for cultivating significant financial partnerships, Dean’s collaboration with Linden Capital stands out. This family office group, backed by his brother, Trevor Linden—founder of Trevor Linden Fitness—underscores their shared entrepreneurial heritage. 

Engaging Visionary:

With his notable social acumen, Dean has spearheaded the development of entities like CRH Medical and Falco Pacific, positioning himself as a reliable company builder in the finance world.


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