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​​Cypress Hills Partners (CHP) is an alternative specialty lender based out of Vancouver, Canada. CHP’s primary focus is a receivable lending strategy with loan facilities secured against consumer and SME cashflows and/or other type of acceptable security. CHP’s target vertical is lending to Specialty Lending Platforms in Canada and the U.S. via private debt structures ranging in size from $5 million to $50 million.

Fund Performance

Annualized net returns since inception
Correlation with the Market (S&P 500)
Loans Funded
Sharpe Ratio
Months of negative performance

Why Invest in Private Credit?

Attractive Returns

Private credit offers higher yields than traditional fixed-income investments like government or investment-grade corporate bonds, potentially providing enhanced returns in a low-interest-rate environment.


Private credit funds diversify your portfolio by investing in various debt instruments across sectors, industries, and borrower types, reducing overall risk.

Risk Mitigation

Private credit funds focus on borrowers with strong collateral or cash flows, employing rigorous underwriting and risk management to reduce the risk of default and loss.

Higher Income Potential

Private credit investments generate regular interest payments, providing stable cash flows for income-oriented investors.

Portfolio Stability

Private credit investments exhibit lower price volatility than publicly traded securities, serving as a hedge against market fluctuations.

Professional Management

Private credit funds are managed by experts specialized in assessing credit risk and managing loan portfolios, increasing the likelihood of successful investments.

Access to Non-Traditional Borrowers

Private credit funds cater to borrowers who may not meet traditional bank criteria, opening opportunities to earn returns from underserved segments.

Potential for Capital Appreciation

Private credit investments can appreciate in value if the borrower’s financial condition improves, leading to potential capital gains upon exit.

Cypress Hills Fundraiser for Backpack Buddies

Cypress Hills Partners is proud to work with Backpack Buddies in their mission to help reduce food insecurity among children in BC’s most vulnerable communities.

We at Cypress Hills Partners will volunteer our time to pack one bag for every dollar we raise for this very important initiative.

Our goal is $10,000 = 10,000 bags packed!

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